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Chinese poinsettia - what to do? what to do??


I'm pretty sure that I've identified the following weight, as its twin brother (sister?) is on

The paperweight needs to be refinished, but I'm afraid that my collection of sandpapers doesn't include the proper tool!

My options therefore would appear to be:
1.  Put it on e-bay as is, and maybe sell it.
2.  Get it refinished, put it on e-bay, and maybe sell it.
3.  Sell it to someone at the Glass Message Board as is (offers will be considered).
4.  Use it to hold down stacks of paper.
5.  See how far I can throw it.

Any suggestions?

Get it repolished and use it for what it's meant to be used for - holding down stacks of papers!

I actually think that it will function without having been polished. :lol:

Don't throw it, poor thing!   :(  It's bright and cheerful!     :D

However, I don't reckon it's worth repolishing, because of what appear to be quite a few little tiny bubbles in the glass.  If you have some jewellers rouge it might smooth it out a little.  If not, try a tiny drop of silicone oil wiped over the surface and see if that improves the appearance.  Then just put it on display somewhere!   :D


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