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Cambridge Decagon Handles?

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I have a set consisting of a tray, creamer and sugar bowl in pink Cambridge Decagon pattern. It does not have the "lightening bolt" handles, but a slightly different variation with one less "bolt." Anyone know anything about this? Was there some variation with a different handle? Any help appreciated!!!

Jenny :)

I am an 18 year member of NCC & I'll try to help. Not to be critical, however your photo is far too light to show any detail for a 100% attribution. Having said that its highly probable from what I can see is that your sugar is a Decagon 1076 line piece. There were multiple lines of Decagon. Am attaching a photo from an old catalog...see if this matches up. Ken

Ken, thanks so much for your input! I appreciate you looking this up! Sorry about the quality of the 1st image - new camera :) Is this better? Let me know if I can help further!!!

FYI, in case it isn't clear, this is pink glass, plain (no image on it).

Also, do you know if there are any variations in terms of the worth of different lines? Just curious.

Thanks again!!!!!!!

Much better pic. What was not clear to me on your original pic was the small bar on top of your new pic's handle. That makes it a 1095 line piece instead of a 1076. Now the 1095 & 1096 line has the lighting bolt handles, however the 1095 line also came with handles like yours. As far as value we are not supposed to discuss that here, but the majority (regardless of line number) of the non-etched C & S Decagon sets in amber, green, pink, etc. are under $40 & thats as far as I can go without breaking the rules. A catalog pic of a 1095 set (obviously differnt color with overlay) as an example only is below. If you look very closely you can see the short top bar on the handle same as yours. Ken

Thanks Ken! Sorry, I didn't mean to bend the rules with the value question. I do appreciate your help. May I ask to which book you are referring? I may need to get it! :)


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