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Pair Opaline vases , amazing enamel work, Baccarat perhaps ??

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I couldnt walk past these vases at a recent market, the quality of the enamel hand painted flowers is stunning, I cant stop gazing at them !  :-* .
Who made them ??
Its White opaline glass, with a matt finish outside , shiny inside.
The flowers are different on each vase, and I've just noticed the design on the neck is different as well.
17 cm tall, 6 3/4 inches.
Flat matt bases, a vague shallow concave mark on one, less so on the other.
I'm thinking French perhaps, all ideas or help appreciated on these 2

A few more photos !  :P

Managed a couple of better base shots .

I'm far from an expert, about as far as you can get actually :) but a search on Moser or Harrach maybe? Because of the detail of the flowers...

They may be English. That trompe l'oeil round the top reminds me of a bulb vase of Patricia's. I will check the book later


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