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Scottish Italian Paperweight?

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An interesting paperweight here – 2.5” diam, 2” high – flat polished base with quite nice canes. In fact a well made paperweight, Italian (Venice /Murano) manufacture I can tell from the canes/cane colours and glass.

The label is interesting – silver foil of 1960s / 70s type with appropriate wear ‘Edinburgh – Italy – International – Hand Cut’ with Scottish lion rampant in the middle. Anyone know this label, I feel its an exporter/importer into Scotland rather than a manufacturing concern over in Italy.

The ‘Hand – Cut’ bit is rather mystifying and I thought it may be an Edinburgh Cut Crystal label stuck on, but there are the words ‘International’ and ‘Italian’ – I also feel this label has been on since production.

Anybody have any ideas


Adam P

As you may be aware, Edinburgh crystal retailed a range of very nice lampwork and millefiore paperweights made on their behalf by Caithness. Sometime in the 80s - (am at work so I havent got my book).  However I think this arrangement lasted for a year or two at most. I have seen a few Italian paperweights like this one badged as Edinburgh so it is very likely that at some time they entered into a similar marketing/badging arrangement - to augment  their range without needing to manufacture.  Will look for details of the others tonight

Why not ask the company?

Hi Frank

That is a good idea :idea:

I will email them today - I can even phone them as the main office is only a few miles away.

I tested the label with a knife at the corner and the glue has turned to dust - if someone has attached this it must have been years ago.

'Hand Cut' though, they must have been desperate for labels if they were importing these from Italy.

I am looking forward to anything you turn up Martin

Adam P

i have one the same on ebay at the mo, but on my label it says import and not italy


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