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Just delivered - a Peill & Putzler vase in clear and frosted glass - I don't know much about this German company apart from they arte still going and are renowned for glass lighting.

This has original label - sold to me as retro 70s - what is its date?

Thanks Adam

They folded around 1999. Seventies or eighties would be correct.

flying free:
Pretty vase, great design. 
Would it be possible to amend the heading to the correct spelling please as in future searches it wont come up otherwise?
Many thanks

Sorry - that was typo by me - can a moderator change it to peill please.

Thanks Adam

Peill had a great selection of beautifully designed and executed quality crystal vases, especially in the 60's to 80's.

It's difficult to find designer names, I'm a Peill collector, but don't have catalogues sadly, so I can't pin it down to a design year and/or designer with certainty. The name most associated with Peill design from the 60s and 70s is Horst Tüsselmann, this might be by him.

If you check my sig, it has a link to my Picasa album, which has a special Peill & Putzler section, so you can check some other vase designs they made. The satinated-and-clear-deep-etched examples are mostly from the 60s and 70s. Later on they moved to techniques that were less time consuming.



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