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These sites will be unavailable for as short as time as possible. All need major software upgrades. They will not all disappear at the same time, one by one and probably for a day or two each. Once that has been completed I will be fully back to adding new content - initially for the Glass Zoo.

The urgency of these upgrades has been the recent hacking of two of the sites.

I don't know what I'd do without The Glass Zoo!  Thanks Frank. :)

Glad to hear that  :) New version should be nicer to use although little change expected. Existing members will all be extended 2 years and a one-time membership in future.

Carolyn Preston:
I think I paid for a year's membership, but I can't remember  ;D Really, I wonder where my head is at some days.


Don't see you there Carolyn, now you will have to wait a bit to get too the goodies ;-) you cannot register until updates are done.

Currently working on Glasscatalogue as that was the most badly hacked site...


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