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I keep trying to get in - but without success! Is it the same username and password as Scotland's glass?

Hi Sue,

No. Sorry.
1. ================, Glass-zoo and Glasscatalogue are all subscription sites, idea being to earn me some money so that I can spend all of my time uploading my library to them....does not work in practise of course ;-) . membership covers all 3, Glass-Zoo is also subscribable separately. No-one can currently subscribe except manually via me due to outdated software problems and a hacker. But all existing subscribers are open-ended until I get fully back to work again.

2. ================ is free to register on but offers little of use unless you put documents up for free or paid, download those by others... or to track your own downloads. Not very active yet in that sphere.

No one gets any of the money donated which is used to pay hosting related costs for all sites and the rest in a deposit account. Accounts for the registered non-profit association will shortly appear on the site. (Another task!!!)

This still needs people to make it completely independent of me and ensure it can meet its purpose - I might just end up asking a library to take it and the fund over... but previous attempts to do that did not get so far. With a funding and approach in place it might be more successful... but would still need voluntary support or a much larger fund for professional support.. Sites like Scotlandś Glass can still keep growing regardless of the Association as they already have a core of volunteers, but even their only me on technical back-end.

Glass bibliography also on site has yet another registration... FREE... but registration is for those who want to add information, reviews etc. to the bibliography.  Or for those who want to create a bibliography for their own research and have it organised in one of the many standard formats. I still have to finish migrating the original biblio into this new one (hopefully its final conversion) and then get on with expanding it... hopefully others will see fit to expand it too. It will also be getting upgraded soon and be a lot faster and better for including non-book references. It is already suited to listing individual articles within journals too. Also it uses an industry standard format for bibliographies and users can readily transfer to other bibliographic tools that they use.

So thatś the story... hope it clears up confusion. If not ask away

I've finally been pushed (kicking and screaming, still protesting noisily) into getting a paypal account - I only want to make a donation and I can now do it - once I can register.


 No need to register to make a donation Sue! Donations can also be cash in post... so paypal not required.

Also you should be able to use Paypal for paying most things with just a credit card... no account needed. You only need account for receiving ot recurring payments. However, it is actually cheaper to use Paypal then some English banks for Euro transfers...  those banks charge double or more than paypal fees. Bizarre.

I don't (and won't) have a credit card. I don't DO credit or debt.
I'm a dinosaur. I live within my means.
But I need to start selling stuff myself - I need the house-space back, hence paypal. >:(


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