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Yeah know that feeling. A lot of mine was in boxes in Amsterdam due to space and our living parts are smaller here. I just started working through my crates and putting on eBay... first listings in 6 years... eBay has changed a lot in that time  :o

 ;D You at least are computer-literate.
I only stutter at pidgin-computer .

Glass Zoo is 99% functional at now.... main thing still to fix is additional images for each item as the image links seem to have got broken in the two migrations  :'(  so more time needed to reconnect them all.... plus side is it works a lot faster. Both sites are still alive and will remain so until I get those images reconnected... In future there will be a once only subscription for life. Existing subscribers are now life subscribers! You should be able to log in if you are already a member, and new subscription facility will be added asap. You can always email me if you are in a hurry to get in!

Then I have to migrate Scotland's Glass... hopefully as it is only a single migration and no server change it will go smoothly... famous last words.  :D

I think you're wonderful, Frank!   :-*

I know he is, Nancy.  :-*

My love to Carmen and Felicity too!


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