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--- Quote from: "Deltab" ---I paid way less than $50, so a bargain no-the-less.
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This is the joy of collectring obscure stuff!  There is little competition for the things I collect now -- if they were popular items, the selling prices would have 2 more zeroes at the end (based on bottles, insulators, etc).

--- Quote from: "Deltab" ---I was just very curious as to when these bricks were made etc.
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Falconnier's U.S. patent is dated 1889; I have pictures from 1905 and 1910 showing them in use, but can't say when the buildings were constructed.  So, roughly turn-of-the-century.

--- Quote from: "Deltab" ---As I live in the Netherlands, it would also be nice to know where the building is that you mention, because I would love to see these bricks used for what they were designed.
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I don't have the exact address yet; but the building is in Rotterdam.  My Netherlands contact is Taco Hermans of the Netherlands Department for Conservation, and it is he who found the building.  Taco's joined this forum (ID "Taco") so I think you can contact him here?  He's going to take pictures of this building I hope.

Here is part of a photo he sent showing a 1905 house with a covered front entryway of hexagonal Falconnier bricks (the other main pattern):

Where did you find your brick?  Were there more??


Hi Ian, thanks for the information.  :D

There was only this one brick for sale and I got it here in Holland. I will definitely keep my eye open for more, they are very tactile and as I said, they look great with textured glass.

When I bought it, I didn't even know what is was or what its purpose was, but it stood really well. I think it has been used at one time, as there is a tiny bit of concrete under the pontil.
It was only from reading your post and taco posting the photo, that I knew what it was that I had.

I don't live near Rotterdam, but it sounds like a train journey could be well worth the while.


I was too busy to attend this forum for a while, but here is my reply. The address of the building in Rotterdam is: Pieter de Hoochstraat 3. It is an old seamansschool and in the toilets there is still a ‘window’ made of the tiles you’ve bought. I hope to have some photos of it soon.
I am interested to hear where you bought the glass brick, because I would love to have one too.


Hi Taco,

Thanks for the address. I will try to get to visit. :)

You can email me about the brick, if you like, I maybe prepared to sell it :wink:


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