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Author Topic: Hello - I am seeking information on Hadeland designer - Lars Fletre (1940's)  (Read 6746 times)

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Information on Hadeland’s freelance designers is unfortunately sketchy. Most of those hired to do decorative work were sculptors, like Fletre. The glass design was more of a sideline not given much attention by art historians, for whom it’s all about the sculptures.

Speaking Norwegian doesn’t help much either, as there is little to be found about Fletre’s glass designs anywhere here. Even the Norwegian Artists Encyclopedia offers little.

During his first ten years in the US, Fletre received an extensive artist’s training in Chicago, before returning to Norway in 1933. He worked for Hadeland 1941-50, creating designs for the new sandblasting and deep etching techniques being developed there by the pioneering Ståle Kyllingstad. Some of Fletre’s designs became quite popular, and remained in the catalogue long after his departure from Hadeland. After returning to Chicago in 1954, he only visited Norway briefly. He died in Oslo, however, having come there to work on a commision for a sculpture.

I have a couple of his pieces. They are not expensive; a first class FLC vase would set you back $200 at most.


Mbmb, my grandfather went to the Chicago Art Institute (it was while he was here in the US that he met my grandmother). He went back to Norway and married.... and both lived in Voss for a time (he is originally from Voss). His time at Hadeland we have some basic information on (I have extensive documentation of all of his artwork that was put together by my grandmother including timelines regarding commissioned pieces), but I am trying to discern what others thought of his contribution to Hadeland and where that contribution resides in the minds of collectors. I am also looking to see what designs he did (is there a catalouge?), what of my collection is his design and what isn't.... and what the basic insurance value may be on my pieces. I know I am asking a lot, but since the person at Hadeland presently isn't reponding to my emails (curiously so).... I have little other options.

by the way, can you post a pic of your 2 pieces when you get a chance?

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Alas, you’re not alone in finding Hadeland unresponsive; they no longer have a full-time curator, and time- and work-consuming requests have low priority. Unfortunately, Hadeland is also where the answers to your questions lie. I suggest you try again, this time as high up in the Hadeland food chain as possible.

There is not a bustling market for Lars Fletre glass, or indeed for any of the free-lance designers of his time. He and others are sadly forgotten, not least because they «only» designed the decor to vase and bowl shapes designed by Hadeland’s regular designers. (He is listed as designer of one decanter in 1947, named «Greve» - meaning «Count».)

Catalogues of the time is of no help either, as they show the different models and designs, but do not list the designers’ names; that only came with the art glass of the 50s and 60s. The value of Fletre’s pieces is thus next to impossible to set. Having said that: from $50 to $200, for the ordinary to the absolutely extraordinary stuff.

It turned out I had three Fletre pieces in storage, posted below.


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They are beautiful mbmb, I would be proud to own any one of those pieces... how fortunate you are to have three of them... lucky you.,
Amarine1, I do hope you will have another attempt at writing to Hadeland and I hope they come back to you with lots of information.  :)

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