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Hello starting a new thread ,We  would like to buy any of the rarer brockwitz and Walther ,Our wish list is Brockwitz Sealions in any colour but like green ,Small bird bowl set in any colour , Brockwitz flower frog to hold Brockwitz girl in bowl, any Brockwitz or Walther plinths and flower frogs ,Walther Searosen bowl in blue ,And a boy rideing a turtle complete sets are welcome but any pieces to make a set are welcome ,Send me an email with what you have and a price you would like to get , We would like to pay by paypal unless you are in Australia , Thanks REX and Theresa

Hello i have managed to get a Turtle Girl , in blue and would like a green one if possible , Still after anything else on list above , Contact me even if you only have parts of set ,would also like dressing table set of doves and egypt depicted set  any colour , thanks REX

Hello still after afew glass items , i would like to get a walther flotenspieler ,pied piper with the striped Tunic , would like the set with the searosen bowl in blue would be perfect but any colour even just the figure , Still looking for Brockwitz rarer pieces , would like a cockatoo figure and bowl , the sealions set just let me know what you have and how much you want will give a reply , as soon as an agreement is reached with cost of freight can pay with paypal to anywhere in UK or Europe , If you have something you think i might want email me , Thanks REX

Hello we have now got the striped flotenspieler and searosen bowl on the way , after a humming bird to go with a bowl we have and still would like any of the rarer walther brockwitz and czech glass bowls and figurines , Thanks REX and Theresa

The Flotenspieler  and frog and bowl , and a very nice crinoline lady and bowl has arrived , i am haveing a hard time getting UK people to send because of weight ?, i dont care much how much i have to pay for weight if thats what it costs i pay it , I have never left bad feedback on ebay even when items are poorly packed and i can tell you there are some very well known sellers that havent a clue on packing and i am very lucky that i have received some in one piece , i have purchaced over 800 glass items from UK on  ebay and had only 4 breakages 3 go missing never arrived , i have heard some beauty excuses  especialy if i win the item cheap , Anyway if you will post and sell me any big Czech bowls and figures, or big walther or Brockwitz i will buy them , i have given up on haveing one of every colour of every walther item from pre war and same with brockwitz  but would like to get one example of  them in any colour , any offers , Rex and Theresa     


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