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Polish Glass Punch Bowl Set


Does anyone have knowledge of Polish glass.

I have been shown this punch bowl(s) set which is Polish as labels on several pieces states. The set is slightly unusual as it has two bowls, the larger one also is lidded. There are six cups and a ladle. Due to the lidded bowl there are no hangers for the cups as of course there would be nowhere to hang them from.

see picture 1.

All pieces except the ladle are wheel cut engraved with a trailing floral design, see picture 2

I don't know the age but the shape suggests 1930's or 1950's.  Any one have any idea who the manufacturer might be?.

I apologise for the cluttered background to the photographs, it was in the owner's house and I could not be completly 'in charge' as i would have liked.


Hi Geoff,
Krosno or Zabkowice, spring to mind as the most obvious candidates.
Do you have a label image?

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the information.  Unfortunately I do not have an image of the label, it was a small (approx 0.5cm) diameter round  gold label with only the words "Made in Poland" printed on it. No makers' logo or other identification.



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