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Lighting at Glass Fairs

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Bernard - for an extreme example of how lighting can change colours, i have a Caithness royal wedding which is coloured clear glass. Under normal lightbulbs it is pink. If it is carried into our hallway which has a long life flourescent bulb it goes light blue.  Kids love to show it off as a magic trick

Bernard C:
Martin — I've seen those before, they're fun.

Mentioning clear glass reminds me of yet another problem at Woking.    Some clear uncoloured glass goes a really wierd colour.   The worst is 1920s and '30s Pyrex, which goes what could be called puse, or, if you replace the "s" with a "k", that might be more accurate.   Fortunately I only stock it in pewter mounts or bain-maries, so usually the pewter sells it.    That I do have to take outside.

Bernard C.  8)

Martin, your colour changing paperweight uses neodymium glass, quite common for Caithness things. There are several other threads on here discussing it and this is the best general link I've found


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