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Junior pressed glass trinket set

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A toy trinket set in clear pressed glass. To give some idea of scale, the tray measures 28x15cm.

Any idea as to age or manfacturer, please?

I've came across toy (usually 1/12th scale) blown glass tableware pieces, mostly Victorian or Edwardian, probably made to dress doll's houses, and there are, of course , lots of toy china teasets, but this is the first time I've seen a toy glass trinket set.

Does anyone else have examples of toy trinket sets in pressed or blown glass?

Here is a very cute 1/12th scale Cranberry Glass miniature Victorian style Dressing Table Set.

Fred, can you tell me the sizes of all the pieces please? 

Yes, Anne.

The tray is 28x15cm. The pots have a rim 'diameter' (across the flats) of 6.5cm and are 4cm high (including lids); the candlesticks are 6.5cm across the flats and 4cm high; the ringholder is 6cm across the flats and 4cm high.

Have you got your units right? 28 cm = 11 inches Not very toy. It just seems small rather than toy


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