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Ingrid exhibition in Jablonec

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Pamela and me joined the Pressglas-Korrespondenz tour to Czech Republic two weeks
ago. Here are a few impressions from the Ingrid exhibition in Jablonec; pictures were
taken by both of us. Many thanks to Dr. Petr Nový and Eduard Stopfer for this lovely

Anik R:
Thank you for posting the link to the photos, Dirk!
Perhaps your thread should be moved to a more permanent location for future reference.


I´ve also added an album with pictures from the cemetary in Kamenický Šenov. We had already
visited the museum there last year and decided to take this detour. A place of unbelievable beauty
and history - as a glass collector you´ll recognise at least every second name there...

Anik R:
Really beautiful cemetary photographs.  x

DANKE for all that work also with my poor photos - well done!  :-*


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