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Hello All
I have in my collection this weight which contains a brass badge of the Arms of Perth and I am sure is a Vasart weight. We all know Paul Ysart made paperweights containing brass army badges and sold them out of the back door at Moncrieff but I have never seen another Vasart badge weight. Has anyone else seen one ?

Hi Dave.
             you sure know how to pee people off :lol: , i am not really a paperweight person but this is a cracker again from you :evil: , i have seen several weights on ebay and in auctions with badges in them and titled as Ysart but they were only set in clear glass and never had any canes like yours, so this is a fisrt for me too and as i said earlier its a very nice looking weight, im sure Kevh shall be able to throw some light on the maker of it also Frank may have came across these before, i hope it is an Ysart  :P  

Thanks for your comments Gary. Kev saw this weight a while ago and when he fluoresced it, it is an early Vasart piece circa 1948. I have seen another like it and wondered if anyone else had

Hi Dave,
             i am quite enjoying myself with looking at all your unusal weights, as i said earlier i am not really a paperweight collector firstly i cant afford to collect them and Ysart lamps/vases ect and secondly i havent really came across unusal ones like you have shown us in the last day , anyway keep them coming, i really like inkwells and scent bottles  do you have any of these to show??? also is it only weoghts you own or do you have any vases  lamps  bowls ect
 ps i am always on the look out for any pieces of Perthshire Paperweights glass vases / lamps  or bowls :lol:

Gary, it really is a small world in here!

As Dave says, the weight is believed to be Vasart. The canes and twists, and the general features all tie in with this. Also, I checked it under UV for Dave some time ago which confirmed the ealrier years. We collaborated on an article in the PCC newsletter about this, and other UV results of some of Dave's interesting items.

Like Dave, I would also be very interested to learn about any other badge weights that have Vasart canes. As I said in my presentation at Perth, I have discovered some more matches to canes between Vasart and Paul Ysart weights. It looks as though some of the "Vasart" canes were actually pulled in the 1930s. Whether Salvador made weights etc. using canes that eventually migrated to Vasart, rather than in Paul's direction, is still unproven. There is, therefore, a chance that Dave's weight could have been made in the 1930s. But for now, it's accepted as early Vasart.


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