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Waltherglas Pink and Clear Console Bowl

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I've had this bowl a year or two now in pink and clear, the back of the pink panels in some lights looks slightly iridised. Measures 10" across at widest point x 3" high, weighs just over 1 kilo. I recently noticed what appears to be a very similar bowl, different shape and size with a Walther label for sale on Ruby Lane.

One more pic.

Hello Jayne!

Thank you very much for having helped me to ID my glass bowl!
I have the same one like you, concerning the size, but in the colours of the rubylane bowl, yellow and pink.
So your bowl, and mine, were obviously made by the german Walther company.


I think it's important to note that it's Waltherglas not Auguste Walther & Sohne

 You're welcome michajoli :) You are correct Christine, Waltherglas Pink and Clear Console Bowl would be a more appropriate title if mods would like to change it.


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