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Three smokey blue Scandi glasses...

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Anyone recognise these strange spikey-handled beasties? They're not mine - I'm trying to ID them for a friend. They were bought in Denmark, and that's all I know about them!  :)

Good for giving to people you don't like and unwanted guests

Well that's the only reason I can see for having handles with spikes on them!  :lol:

Punk glasses, now I've seen everything.  :lol:


--- Quote from: "Tigerchips" ---Punk glasses, now I've seen everything.  :lol:
--- End quote ---

Maybe the spikes would help the unwanted guest steady the glass in their hand (thus preventing red wine spillage), assuming they were a bit the worse for wear. I'm sure they would get the message and wouldn't return for a second visit :D


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