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Green glass candlesticks & trinket pot - lots of beaded detail, ID, please?

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A pair of clear glass candlesticks and a lidded trinket pot in a somewhat bluey-green. Lots of beaded detail.

Any suggestions for ID, please?

I've seen this in a sort of electric blue as well Fred, and can't recall if it was id'd or unknown. I'll go check my refs again for you.

The shape of the lidded dish shouts American to me, probably Jeannette? are back online, Frederick - they may recognize it
Good luck  :)

Photo of a set in pale electric blue, complete with hexagonal tray (base decorated with a large central motif of five concentric circles of small beads, flanked by smaller concentric circles of beads).

Does this help with ID, please?

(Permission for the re-use of this image on GMB granted by vivienne5822).

Another set in electric blue, this time with with the candlesticks and tray marked 'France'.



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