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Glassblowing at Art in Action 2012


We went to Art in Action yesterday.  We didn't have a lot of time there as the organisers of the new Park and Ride system - necessary as a result of waterlogged fields where we normally park - seriously underestimated the numbers and traffic issues, resulting in a 1&1/2 hour wait for a bus for a 3 mile journey!  However, we did see most of what we went to see, which was the glassblowing demonstrations.  We saw Graham Muir and Layne Rowe blowing, and bought a piece of glass by Martin Andrews and a piece by Scott Benefield. 

Here's the link to my picasaweb album of the day.

And below is the glass we bought.

Lovely Leni.

I do like your Benefield vase, what a great effect from 'simply' overlaying stripes. I see you chose the subtlest variation and to my eye the most interesting of the three shown.


Fot the benefit of us foreigners, can you tell us what 'Art in Action' is, and where and when it happens?'  Stuart in New Zealand

Art in Action is a four day event held annually at Waterperry Gardens in Oxford.  You can see artists in all types of media at work, there are displays of all types of art, you can take part in practical classes, and there is also a market place.  Here's the website for this year's event   

Thanks for that - looks very interesting.


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