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what is it??


I've been getting ready to put another weight on e-bay.  I had this long write-up prepared saying basically that I don't know what it is.

Then a fellow I've been exchanging some e-mails with asked to take a peek and see if he might recognize it.  All I know is his e-bay id is prism2300 , his e-mail is Email address removed by moderator - please read posting guidelines and his first name is Michael.  He seems to be knowledgeable, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of you know him.

He suggested
" The weight is not Chinese, which is a good thing, because Chinese weights are generally uninteresting things.
       It seems to be a late 19th-century or early 20th-century American or Bohemian (Bohemia-Silesia). Very difficult to tell without actually holding the wieight, but I'm think American. But it isn't Chinese."

(I had speculated that it might be Chinese or Murano)

Any educated guesses or authoritative answers?

In my opinion, it's 20th century Bohemian, but more contemporary, of the 70's/80's.

I know prism, because he's bid on some of my weights and I've also bid against him (and won).

Just looking through my Bohos to see the dates... :D

It's a very nice one you have there. Hmmmm  :D

Don, the base isn't worn enough to be early 20th century, but it's a lovely weight and I adore the pastel colours.

i'm not one to argue, Simone (aw who am I kidding, my father's favorite phrase was "for the sake of argument"), but the Clichy I sold the other day was mid 19th century and the base looked like it was made last week.

but I digress...

Unless I hear differing opinions, I'm going to refer to 'expert opinions' based purely on the photos, that it is most likely Bohemian.

thanks as always,

I'd say Bohemian, too.  

Some weights like this have come from India (Firozabad, I think) but the colours of those tend to be much brighter - not as muted as this one.  

Yes, I'd have said contemporary Bohemian.


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