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Will the real Nuutajarvi Kastehelmi Candle Holder please stand up?

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I have 3 sets of candle holders which I assumed were Nuutajarvi Notsjo, Kastehelmi (Teardrop) Pattern designed by Oiva Toikka but they are all slightly different. The colours look more different in the photos than in reality.

I read somewhere on the board a topic where someone had seen very similar candle holders with a different maker label but I can't see it for looking.

Does anyone know how to tell which is Nuutajarvi?

we did have a discussion on this board some time ago on the sun catchers with a similar design which turned out to be Norwegian - Hadeland I think.

Cascade possibly. I suspect the four smaller lighter ones are not Nuutajärvi

flying free:
Just having a look round as I also have a pair of these but a different shape to yours- mine have a design 'device' whereby they stack and if I was comparing I would say that those on the left are the comparable colour to all the pieces I have had.  I do wonder if turquoise was issued and reissued again a bit later perhaps in the paler colour? 
There is more information on the board somewhere as the colour of these was discussed at some point in the last couple of years.
meanwhile I thought I'd put this link on here that I've found - interview with Oiva Toikka

My thanks to all for your input.

To add, they are all of the exact same size diameter Christine, the central one may be half a mm shorter than the other two, and possibly weigh slightly less. This central one also has a thin sharpish rim, where the left one has almost no rim, and the right one a comparably thicker rim.


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