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Will the real Nuutajarvi Kastehelmi Candle Holder please stand up?

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Here you go Jayne:,11652.msg273154.html#msg273154

I suspect they were made under licence by Cascade, perhaps a similar arrangement to that they had with Holmegaard to make Gulvases.


John thank-you, that was exactly the thread I had a vague memory of seeing. Still I have 3 pairs in different shapes, would Cascade have made them all?

If they are Cascade, made under licence, should the thread go to British & Irish forum or stay here in connection with Nuutajarvi ???

This type of pattern seems to pop up all over the place with differnt labels Jayne.
I suppose if the label is missing it must be tempting to call them Nuutajarvi Kastehelmi. The word is Dew Drop BTW, not Tear Drop.....just for completeness.

Do any of you have a Nuutajarvi catalogue?  That might well bring the whole issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

Does this help at all?,11652.msg273154.html#msg273154


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