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Will the real Nuutajarvi Kastehelmi Candle Holder please stand up?

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Sue, your plate doesn't look right at all...
Here is a link to a high resolution pic of a Kastehelmi plate on the laatutavara site:
And one of a big bowl:
Only round blobs.

I still think that neither of the small candleholders is Nuutajärvi, though 8)



That matches my candle holders and a blue ashtray I have.
So, if the one with different drop shapes isn't Nuutajarvi, what on earth might it be?
This isn't my area at all!

What sort of site is laatutavara? Is it official?

rocco: is an online shop for vintage Finnish glass -- and one of the best resources for research in this area, because they have about everything ever produced by the major Finnish glassworks for sale.
This is one of the reasons I doubt that the candleholders in question are Nuutajärvi -- not a single piece on that site.

Sorry, no idea who may have made your plate...


Couldn't find my way about that site at all...  ::) brain awol - and technosaurus in the first place.  :-[

Sorry, better use >> this link, then it is quite easy to navigate around using the names of the designers / factories at the right, or the search function...



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