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Will the real Nuutajarvi Kastehelmi Candle Holder please stand up?

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thank-you  :) - I'll try again when I'm feeling a bit brighter...  :-[

There's one candle holder in Iittala/Nuutajärvi Kastehelmi series - it is the cone like one that you can turn around and use as a vase.
There's also a candle cuff and a very small plate you could use as a candle base.
Since Iittala began to reproduce Kastehelmi around 2010/2011 there's a new votive holder in this series.
But; candle holders like the one's that started this discussion, I don't think so. There are picture's of them with Cascade stickers. There are a lot of other items around easily thought to be Kastehelmi. It seems the kind of pattern was very popular.

Here's a little info. :)

Thank-you everyone for your comments and research.

Interesting px thank-you, I noticed in that blog they conject that the range had 25 pieces at it's most extensive, but only describe about 13 or 14 pieces and 13 are in the diagrams.

Rocco, I had a quick look at the online shop, but I don't think it can be taken as proof something never existed simply because it's not in the shop albeit a well respected shop. I did see these for sale though :

Also quick reminder of the 20th Century Glass shop which is also a well respected shop still carries these in it's encyclopedia, once again I agree this is not proof of anything.

Onwards with the search.


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