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Will the real Nuutajarvi Kastehelmi Candle Holder please stand up?

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I meant smaller in that the two on the left are distinctly more butch than the four on the right

I would go with Ivo and suspect that neither is Nuutajärvi...
Among the more than 200 Kastehelmi pieces in the >> laatutavara webshop is none in this shape.
All pieces from this range I have seen so far have the pattern all over, with no undecorated areas.


20th Century Glass has them in their Encyclopedia...

Jayne, I certainly could be wrong...

But since they seem to appear almost exclusively in England (and not in Finland), and only in amber and blue despite of the much more abundant colourless version, maybe Sue is right with Cascade glass?

I had some of the small bowls with Arabia label, and they were definately brown (see attached pic) and not amber like the candle holders on Wayne's site.
The small dishes (like >> these) I have, too, and they don't have the raised undecorated rim like the ones in 20th Century Glass encyclopedia.

Since neither of these shapes is on the laatutavara site, I would like to see a labeled piece before I am convinced these are Nuutajärvi 8)


Rocco thank-you I will take all your points into consideration. :)


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