Author Topic: Mystery Set 68 trinket pit in green - any advance on Rosice 2598 variant yet?  (Read 791 times)

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Lidded trinket pots similar to Anne's  Mystery Set 68 pots in pink (as shown by Anne on GTS) and now in green, both with the characteristic crescent lid finial . Diameter of both pots just under 4 inches.

Just to put this into the forum for those GMB members who may not have encountered Mystery Set 68 before, and identified by Anne as a potential variant on Rosice 2598.

To quote from :"This pot is very similar to the Rosice 2598 but there is a slight size difference and the different lid finial design of course. So far we're not sure if it is a Rosice made piece, we're still searching for proof".

Are there any more opinions or potential attributions yet?

(Permission for re-use of the images on the GMB granted by  scoriolady10 and julesbitsnbobs )

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Nothing more as yet Fred. I have one of each pot (crescent one courtesy of t'other Anne) and they are the same but for the finial. Just wish I could find a catalogue image of the finial one!



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