Author Topic: Trinket set, amber, Libochovice 1520-24 (except candlesticks ?) – confirmation?  (Read 1226 times)

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Clear amber glass trinket set, which I have tentatively ID’d as Libochovice 1520-1524 from Marcus Newhall’s Sklo Union CD-ROM  (Libochovice catalogue pre-1958 – page 45).

Description  (but no photos) already on as:
Tray - pattern 2090, size: 330mm x 215mm
Candlestick - pattern 2091, size: 170mm
Large lidded pot  - pattern 2092, size: 95mm
Small lidded pot - pattern 2093, size: 87mm
Ringholder  - pattern 2094, size: 83mm
Known colours: Clear

The candlesticks in my pics don’t seem in accord with the catalogue drawings, but I think the other pieces match.

Can anyone confirm my attribution, please?

If the candlesticks in the pics are mismatched, any IDs, opinions or suggestions?

(Permission for re-use of these images on the GMB granted by a1goodsnchattels)

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The pots and tray are Libochovice 1520 series, as you suspected, Fred. The candlesticks are not a match. I'd like to see pics of them alone against an uncoloured background to try and figure them out... I have a pair which look similar, but the reflections from the tray and that strong colour is making it hard to see clearly.

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Another 1520 'set', this time in pink glass.

(Permission for the re-use of the images of the pink set on GMB granted by susiesfrocks).

The tray, pots, and candlesticks are the same as the amber set . A closer look at the candlesticks with the amber and pink sets leads me to think that they are also by Libochovice, but this time the same as those in the Libochovice 1700 set.

I still havent come across the pattern 1520 candlesticks as shown on the Newhall CD-ROM pre-1958 Libochovice catalogue.

Perhaps the 1700 candlesticks were supplied as a retail alternative with the other pieces from the 1520 set. Seems too much like a coincidence to have amber and pink sets with candlesticks mismatched in exactly the same way.



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