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News in my Fr. Zemek "Rhapsody" collection

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I would like to show some newbies in my Rhapsody collection. I can post all news here and show how my Rhapsody collection grows. Pattern numbers will be highly appreciated.

Anik R:
Thank you for sharing part of your collection with us. :)  How many pieces have you got in your Rhapsody collection so far?  And how long have you been collecting?

A great site which may help you find some pattern numbers is Jindrich's "Ceskoslovenske sklo":   You can access the Czechoslovak Glass Review and a number of catalogues -- It's a fantastic site for Czech glass collectors.

Lovely. I have just started collecting Mstisov and have a few from the Rhapsody range. The small vase you have on the far left and a bowl.

Thanks adam

Anik R: I have 20 pieces so far, but there are some doubles. I have several collecting sectors, im not into glass only. I feel interest in glass for about two months.

adam20: I have more of them, but these are new. Also I have some doubles if you will be interested.

Bought these today.


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