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Maestro Cimarosto Murano Concentric Paperweight

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Hi All
I've just got this very nice concentric paperweight and it is one of the finest Murano weights I have ever seen as the canes are perfectly placed and it almost magnum sized at 3 3/8".

It is signed "Maestro Cimarosto Murano '93" but there are so many glassmakers on Murano I don't know them all and I have never heard of this one so can anyone tell me anything about this glassmaker please.



Thanks Frank - could well be the same maker but there a no millifiore weights shown in his catalogue

Born in Canada so prob speaks English so worth contacting. Dates are a bit off for him to style himself Maestro in 93 but I guess he would know of any other Cimarosto' s in Murano.


On the subject of Murano makers, I got an interesting email a few days ago from someone in Murano.

He told me that 'Antica Murrina Veneziana' have never had  a factory or offices on Murano; that their main office is on the mainland north of Venice; and that they send Murano canes to their production factory at Settat in Morocco.



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