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Maestro Cimarosto Murano Concentric Paperweight

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That's a bit of interesting news Alan, Antica make some nice weights and here is one I have of trees and birds


Hi Dave.

I cannot verify all the things I was told, but the offices are at 7 Via Cesare Battisti, 30030 Olmo di Martellago.  This is a small town on the mainland about 6 miles from Venice, and on Google street view you can find a 3 story building with their name on.  It could be a factory, or just a warehouse and offices - hard to tell. But their base does not appear to be in Murano, or even in Venice itself.


Fuhrman Glass:
From what I heard from friends and other glassblowers, many of the companies have moved from Murano to the mainland. Overhead on Murano was too costly and everything had to be brought in by boat and shipped by boat. The cost of living was exorbitant and I was told that the Chinese had actually purchased several of the larger companies on the island. Many of the companies have very limited production and quite a few have closed. I had read several articles not too long ago about the fact they were tearing down the factories and replacing them with tourist condos and hotels.
Getting materials and energy to run a large scale production glass factory is not easy when everything has to brought in via gondola. Hopefully the craftsmen will follow the move to where they can adjust their costs to a location that allows them to continue.


I have been sent a relevant link to this topic by Toni Chambers : New York Times article .



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