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Help Need to Identify Signiature Please Salviati?

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Hello I bought this lovely tray at an estate auction the other day & it looks to me like the signiature says Murano then Sa..... & I'm not sure of the rest.  I was thinking maybe Salviati? I was hoping someone here could help me with this.  The signiature is etched as you can feel it when you run your finger over it, however the decorative Roman scene is done under glass & over a mirror, so in effect it is a mirrored tray, which makes it very hard to photograph.  Anyway any help would be appreciated thanks.  I also have a small bowl which I was thinking could be Salviati although it is unsigned and as I got these from the same estate well I have no idea, you guys are the experts:-)
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Definitely NOT Salviati, perhaps a decorator firm? It is not a likely item to be signed - the motif is far from original.
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Do you think the tray is a Murano tray?  I wasn't expecting to be so lucky for it to be the signature of Salviati:-) However you can feel the signiature if you run you finger over it so it's on the outside of the glass, with  the motif being underneath. Any ideas of where it would come from?

It's quite possible that the glass comes from Murano but the engraving may have been done elsewhere. Ditto the assembly of the the tray.

Thanks Peter it's just I want to sell it as it's not my cup of tea :-) and don't want to wrongly advertise or mislead anyone - so thank you for your expertise


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