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Giant Thistle Vase. ID = Phoenix Galss Co.

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Carolyn Preston:
So I am seriously considering this (for me) pricey item. It sang very softly at first, but with increasing volume. However, having problems finding out more about it. Currently trolling the label galleries to see if I can find anything similar. Love the colour (soft celedon). About 18 to 24".

Please help if you can...


Ooops, forgot to tell you about the label. Round, gold on black, bordered with silver, says on the left Sculp and on the right Artiv and then down below NIX (give there is a bird taking flight in the middle, would PHOENIX be too obvious).

Carolyn Preston:
Okay, so I have managed to answer my own question (I'm so proud!).

This is a piece of Phoenix Sculptured Artware. Looks like, given the label colours, it was made sometime between 1936 and 1958 (pieces were made after that, but singular colours). And the price of $195 does not look unreasonable (it's in pristine shape).

The top of the label would say "Sculptured Artware" and then "Phoenix" on the bottom. The label was basically round, but with arms out where Artware and where Phoenix would be written. Now I just have to decide if I should spend $200 just before my holidays. Oh, and it's not a Phoenix, it's an eagle.


Its your basic Phoenix Galss Co. 18" Thistle Umbrella vase & they are not at all uncommon. $125 would be at least somewhat reasonable, anything over that...well only if you can't absolutely live without it.

Carolyn Preston:
I caved. $175, but what a thing of beauty! Very tactile. Mind you, a Jack D. Wilson who has apparently written books on the beasties says they are selling for $300 - 400 US so $175 Cdn is not that bad. And the singing has turned into a full opera chorus and orchestra. Here are pictures taken with a real camera now that I have gotten it home. Please feel free to make use of the label for the gallery (or is that something I should do?)


Nice to get something that talks to you  ;D great feeling.


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