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Nazeing Old Parr Whisky bottle for United Distillers

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Caithness also did some special bottles in particular c2000 A still shaped bottle for Glenmorangie Elegance. Gordon Hendry was involved in the mould design project and production... only a couple of hundred were made.
sell for 3 to 500 pounds full now.

But there was already a machine made version in production elsewhere... it would be be nice to see an example of that to determine the differences.

Ivo is yours, shown, machine made or hand blown version?

definitely hand made.

nigel benson:

--- Quote ---yes but the Nazeing bottle has latticino canes in it
--- End quote ---

Hi M,

I think you better take another look. The 'latticino' is actually food grade pewter netting, with a few exclusive versions being made with silver, so above the glass, not within it  ;)



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