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Nazeing Old Parr Whisky bottle for United Distillers

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flying free:
United Distillers as was
but there is some info I just came across on why they keep the original distillery name (takeovers etc)  I don't know anything about it and they used to be my client for Bell's Whisky....oh the good old days when Famous Grouse was my bete noire.

flying free:
I like the glass - I like it as much as I love the Bombay Sapphire bottles.  Have you seen other special bottles with decoration in or on the glass Keith?  I'm curious.



it's a steal at

Got a few old bottles, no surprise there then ::) here's a good old Gilbey gin bottle a Bromsgrove mineral water and a lemonade bottle,Archers lemonade?,Christmas edition? ;D ;D

A locel charity shop here had an empty bottle of Haig Dimple with a snakeskin cover. Sadly, as I was telling the manageress I thought it might be worth a tad more than the 3 on it, a dealer grabbed it.
I really don't know much about whisky bottles though.
Vasart melted some and collapsed them into ashtrays. Teacher's is the brand-name on mine.
Then there's Timo Sarpaneva's classic, the Finlandia gin bottle, and all the weird ones containing even weirder drinks, with internal parts you find in airport shops....


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