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Pink trinket tray + continuous looped line design - ID = Libochovice 3144/3146/A

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Pink pressed glass trinket tray, 12.5 x 9.5 x 1 inches.

The most distinctive feature is a continous looped line to the floor of tray.

ID's, suggestions or opinions, please?

(Permission for re-use of this image on the GMB granted by 'shaunandgromitresideshere' )

Now a tray in green (non-uranium) in the same pattern, plus a matching lidded pot.

Any help towards ID?

(Permission for the re-use of the first image on GMB granted by decodant-deco, and the second image granted by bazza131313).

I have this set in pink:


Thank you, Natalie.

Now we have the tray candlesticks, lidded pot and trinket tray, and green and pink versions.

There are some pieces (vases, bowls, baskets) with a similar looped decorative pattern on Marcus Newhall's Sklo Union CD-ROM pre-1958 Libochovice catalogue  - page 8, patterns 3140 and 3141 - but sadly no trinket set pieces. May be a lead, though.

I have found an ID for this set based on the perfume set Libochovice 3144/3146/3146A which shows the same lidded trinket pot and matching atomiser and scent bottle.

Go to:

Follow link GLASREVUE 1958/2 this will direct you to an album of GLASREVUE Catalogue pages Presumable February 1958.

The Perfume Set is on Page 11 Direct Link:

By the way, your set is gorgeous Natalie, I have the same sets in pink and clear, no pics done as yet though.

Mystery Set #87


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