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US Glass Dugan? Northwood?

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Hi again,
I've seen few listings with this style of vase/compote. One described it as Northwood, the other Dugan. I have no idea as I know nothing about US glass and have no books either. I do know that it glows brilliantly. I've had it about 6 years. Also how common is it to find? Any help appreciated. I'm googled out again. I find the descriptions quite confusing :) And the variations in colours for both makers also.

And that was a very disjointed post!! I meant to say I've seen a few listings LOL And they have confused me, so I really need some help, any help :D

Well you picked a confusing one & both attributions of Northwood & Dugan are somewhat technically correct plus potentially one more...National. Its Open Beaded Panel Opalescent pattern & its thought Northwood produced it first then sold the molds to National at their Indiana PA plant which became Dugan. Yours is probably Northwood in Canary Opalescent because those produced by Dugan were primarily Carnival while Northwood produced these in Opalescent. To make it more confusing it all depends on who/whom (individual) authored which article as to who made what, but I'd side far more toward Northwood for yours which is the Flared Open Rose Bowl.  Ken

Ok, now I AM confused LOL. I have a knack of owning glass that seems to be a mystery box :) So I saw one described as about 1888? And that it was rare. Mind you Im going by an old ebay listing I came across which refers to an Encyclopedia that shows it. I don't own this book so I can't check. But the listing is over so am I right in this is the same as mine?

Yes the same as yours although they usually sell a bit lower, not alot mind you, but lower than that by about $60-$70...still a very good one though so you did very well. Ken


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