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Author Topic: enamelled vase birds river scene cartouche Japonisme style on white glass base  (Read 1500 times)

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teehee by your confession of being a bookseller you just got to use the other fair use right for posting those pictures as a reseller.  ;D else they would probably get deleted here ;-) but funny thing is I don see the connection... time for bed I guess.
Frank A.
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I'm still thinking this might be a Harrach vase :)
 having come across this (which I linked to earlier)

and also this

I've added my original pic again for easy comparison


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Just thought I'd add this link in case -
This listing says the vase is a Smith Brothers vase and is signed as so

It has the  birds in what looks like a silver cartouche in the design.  So  a possible source?
Cannot give any more information as have absolutely no idea who Smith Brothers were (sufficit to say that I don't like any of their designs I've come across on the web  :-X )

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Smith Bros Glass, Massachusetts, USA. Their items from the late 19th century seemed to have followed the typical designs and styles of that period. Decorative motifs of birds and prunus (cherry) blossom was widespread.


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