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fake perfume bottle. another "what is it?"


I'm calling this a fake perfume bottle because it is shaped similar to a perfume bottle my mother once had, except it isn't a bottle - the stopper is part of the weight and isn't removeable.

The large bubble rising from the bottom is an interesting feature because of the way it reflects the canes (at least I think I can refer to them as canes).  

Also interesting to me, at least, is that the bubble is not sealed.  It is open to the bottom of the weight - I confirmed this by putting a wire through the hole and it went all the way in to the top of the bubble.

Anyone care to tell me what I have here??  I'd like to put it on e-bay, and of course I love having some good information to impart in my descriptive musings.   :o

Those are Murano canes.


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