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Pink Gold Leaf Carved Alabastro Vase - ID = Crown Tuscan Cambridge


Hello Everyone,
I recently purchased a lot of art glass, and this vase came in with the lot.
It is a Pink Alabastro-Clambroth piece, that looks hand blown. Also has all the decoration carved into it, and filled with gold.
Does anyone have an idea of age and maker?
Any info would be appreciated.
Oh, the decoration is on both sides of the vase.
Thank you in advance,

I would look at America, especially as it's machine etched

Thanks for that bit of info.
I was doing a few searches and nothing had some up.
Once I added "American", a few came up as "Crown Tuscan Cambridge" glass.

Looks like a 6004 blank with 752 Diane acid etch. Ken

Thank you very much Ken!
Appreciate the info.


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