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identification please


I bought this piece of glass the same time with the Imperial Glass with Label.  Have no clue as to who may have done this.  It's interesting though, because of the white dot on the base and the white swirls that go around the piece.  My picutures are a little dark, I still haven't perfected the color glass photographing yet.  Any pointers would be appreciated.  The light box doesn't really help out with colored glass as it does with clear glass.  I have a photoflex light but that only seems to put a big white box glare on the glass.  
Anyway, here are the pics of this pretty posey vase.


Sorry no ideas as to maker here but I doubt any relationship to Imperial and looks like a studio piece to me.

The photographioc problem is not becuase its colored but because its dark. More light is getting reflected than is getting inside it to illuminate.
Try a black card mask with a cut out for the base. Also, if possible, a pencil spot directly above and as close as possible to get yet more light inside it.

At least we can see the lovely amethyst color from the base shot.

The shape reminds me of Mdina but the white stripe doesn't.  :?

Some Mdina can be found in the US but not much of it and besides the amethyst is not a Mdina color.
See my comments on your other piece.

Just want you to know that I'm not being rude in answering your comments on this piece of glass, I just find it really hard to log on sometimes.  Don't know what it is, but sometimes if I reboot my computer and go directly to this site, I'm able to log on.  So, enough of me whining....

I was thinking that this piece is probably Chinese made, they are getting better and better in their glass houses over there that it is getting harder and harder to identify.  In fact I was at WalMart today and saw some really pretty  vases that looked very close to being Murano pieces, except they had a label on it saying made in China.  But if there wasn't a label on it, sometimes you can't tell the difference.  

Thanks for the info on how to shoot dark colored glass, I'm going to be experimenting today with your suggestions.



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