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Bizarre Spiral Tipped Vase - ID = EDAG and Lorraine, both Canada

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These exuberant vases were purchased as a pair from a dealer at a local flea market.  Both have moderate base wear, so I'm assuming they're a few decades old.  To my eye they look Czech, but I have never seen anything like them, in person, books or the internet. The bright green one with the spiral shaped tips is particularly bizarre.  Almost reminds me of Antonio Gaudi.  I'd love to know anything about them - maker, designer, age, etc.  Thanks for your assistance.


Charles can you post each vase as a separate topic please? Thanks. :)

Not sure about Czech, possibly Canadian, altaglass, Lorriane maybe.... not at all sure though... I am confident that they are unlikely CZ

Robert (bOBA)

Thanks. With these clues, I've found they're Chalet Glass of Canada. Embarrassing. Wish I could go back and change title of the posting. :(


You only need but ask Charles. :)


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