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Mary Gregory style vase - ID = Westmoreland Glass

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Mary Gregory was a real person who worked at Boston Sandwich from 1880 to 1884 or 1885 whichever source you use (and that is documented) There is a catch however as she worked (along with her sister) in the lamp shade decorating department decorating Gone with the Wind style lamps & did not decorate bowls, vases, etc. Most art glass experts point out that many european factories (mostly Bohemian) were decorating in this style (fat cherub children) prior to 1880, but in the U.S. it became fashional to refer to this style as Mary Gregory & it simply caught on as a catch all phrase.  Ken

Paul S.:
I should have added that, like Sue, I know less than nothing about this type of production, but was aware that there had in fact been an Mary Alice Gregory working as a decorator at B. & S. in the 1880's - so just wished to make this a known fact rather than it appearing there had never been a Mary Gregory.
I think that this Mary had in fact been and gone long before people had started using the expression........and am sure that it's true that as a product this type of thing has been made in many places around the world - most recently perhaps in Czechoslovakia.         But as a serious comment, for a change, it had occurred to me that perhaps the snow scenes that she apparently created on Gone With the Wind type lamps showing winter scenes etc., might have been the catalyst for someone at a later date to use her name for the white enamel type decoration of homely images that bear her name.        Just a vague thought you understand.       She died in May 1908 incidentally.   

Paul S.:
Ken - my apologies, most of my comments are redundant in view of your helpful reply.

Certainly no need for any apology Paul. I think we covered just about everything. I had some old notes that the Hahn Factory at Gablonz did the exact same type of work only a bit earlier & its been reproed for decades by just about everyone. I had a vase that was supposedly from that region in an early form, but I
I think most of this stuff is impossible to date so who knows?. Ken

flying free:
erm, isn't this a Westmoreland vase - apparently Blue Mist?


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