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Pretty flower weight. Origins to be determined.



This is the latest selection of an unknown from Dad's collection.  Here's what I know:
 :? Made no later than 1978.
 :? It is made of glass.
 :? A little more than 2 1/2 inches diameter

I was going to include "it is pretty" in the facts, but decided that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I think it's pretty.

The bottom is different than I've seen in any other weights in the collection.  It is concave, but it seems that it was first sand-blasted or something like that, to create the translucent rough section, then ground, leaving the rough area slightly raised from the rest of the base.

The large bubble in the center is also kind of interesting - it reminds me of our guppies when they're swimming around and defecating (sorry for the ugly word picture) and the *&^ is still hanging from the fish.The bubble has something hanging straight down.

Any guesses or authoritative statements?

Looks Bohemian to me!   :shock:

I got a few messages last night from some American collectors.  All seemed to think that it is 70s or 80s American from the midwest.  One person mentioned Degenhart pre-signature dates, but did not really seem to believe it.

Consensus on this side of the Atlantic seems to be that it's a pretty paperweight of no particular interest or value.

Oh well, it is pretty.


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