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Uranium pear basket - ID = Sowerby "Enid" pattern powder bowl

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I just got this gorgeous little bowl moulded in a basket weave pattern with three pears with leaves forming the feet. Any ideas on its maker. I thought maybe Jobling  ? The rim is EPNS    :)

Bernard C:
Angela see topic Three Pears Bowl for another I had in pink and without the EPNS rim, nearly eight years ago.   As you can see we got nowhere with the attribution then.

I don't know what has happened to my pictures as they are on my own web space.   Presumably another corruption during the GMB move to SMF 2.   I will investigate next week.

Bernard C.  8)

Thank you Petet63 I managed to read Bernards post and thank you Bernard I saw your pictures of a pink bowl and the previous posts. Gorgeous.!!! I still think they are British pears ! There were two of these uranium ones on Ebay in the last week or so. I bought this one they both had silver plated rims. They glow lovely under UV. Oh well another mystery one for the cabinet. I was hoping there was a mark under the silver plated  rim. ;D

Bernard C. ...I just bought one of another one of these 3  pear basket on ebay and it has a LID with more fruit on...cherry's, strawberries etc . It is uranium  and the seller thinks it was bought in France. I will post some pictures as soon as it arrives. :)

the pear basket with lid has arrived at last and is gorgeous !! See pictures below..... it has pears, cherrys, strawberries  and grapes on so I guess it was a jam pot. The lid is difficult to get on and off as the cherry knob on top is very slippery and must have easily got broken. Its the first one I have seen with a lid !! ;D


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