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Uranium pear basket - ID = Sowerby "Enid" pattern powder bowl

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Thanks so much for showing the catalogue.  At last an ID for the "Pear Bowl"!  I never thought of it as possibly being Sowerby, the attention to detail on the fruit seemed to make it unlikely, being of a far higher quality than their usual standard that I've seen.

And as a bonus it seems I have a biscuit barrel in non-Uranium frosted green, sadly without its lid.  (The one about half-way through with a geometric "diamond" pattern.)

As there are also examples of bowls without lids but with silver rims instead, were they ever part of a set of some kind?  If not for a dressing table perhaps for the dining table?

theElench, I have this 2552 Butterfly trinket pot with a very worn EPNS rim. I'd assumed it had been damaged and the owner had added the rim to preserve it. Having seen the Enid dish it now appears it might be a factory addition, I'll have to look into it.

Forgot the photo.


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