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Uranium pear basket - ID = Sowerby "Enid" pattern powder bowl

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Bernard C:
Angela That's lovely.   ... and useful, as the lid may be the essential element in identifying it from a trade catalogue.   It's a spectacular piece.   It is such fine workmanship that it has to be a well known mouldmaker and manufacturer.   I am now even more convinced that it's not British.

Bernard C.  8)

Yes Bernard I think you are right, the seller is sure it was bought in France in the 1940's or 50's. The detail in the fruit on the lid is perfect!!

Angela, that is absolutely gorgeous, what a great find, congrats! :)

Thanks Anne I am very pleased with it !! I have asked another friend who collects glass and he has suggested this piece may be by Sars or possibly Choisy le Roi ?

Finally ID'd as Sowerby Enid, shown in 1936 catalogue. Thanks to Mike for making the catalogues available: (p.7 as a lidded pot).

See also:,607.20.html,71629.msg399969.html#msg399969


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