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Scandinavian vases

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I've seen these described as Scandinavian from about 1900. Can anyone confirm or have a different idea? They are quite heavy, about 22 cm tall and have polished out pontil marks. Thanks

Kaj Frank I think,hope I've spelled that right ::) ;D that would be Franck,if I'm right ::)

Sorry Keith, Kaj Franck ;D

And I don't think these vases have got anything to do with him...


Michael,after looking at my post from Sept' 2009,the vase was not i'd'd as Franck so I've no idea where I got the idea from,must be old age setting in ::) ;D ;D

A belated thank you Michael and Keith for your contributions. I don't think I read them. (I was quite busy last August with my son's wedding and family sturm und drang and forgot to check back on this.)

I can see similarly shaped Franck vases but they are much more modern.

Any further thoughts anyone?

thanks very much


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