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New Hessenglas colour - peach uranium


on Saturday I found this lovely Gangkofner vase on a flea-market near Leipzig.
And - it glows like mad under UV.  :D
IŽve looked on OliverŽs site Kristallglas-Oberursel of course and although they
produced some beautiful rare earth colours like Alexandrit or Heliolith, this one
seems to be an unknown one.
Unfortunately we had no sun here anymore when I took the photos, but the
green glow is much more apparent in direct sunlight.
Hope youŽll enjoy!

Mrs Green here. I love all the variations in uranium glass

Thank you, Christine!  :-* My heart almost stopped because of the surprise.
As you may know I love these Gangkofner shapes anyway, but to find it in
uranium when nobody ever heard of Hessenglas producing it was  :o


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