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Candlesticks RD 581523 - registrant and precise registration date, please?

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A pair of clear pressed glass candlesticks, 9 inches tall, currently listed on eBay at

They carry RD number 581523 (which should have been registrered in March/April 1911), but this does not appear on the online list at
which I realise is somewhat edited.

Can anyone tell me. please, if this RD number is in the Blue book? If so, what is the precise date of registration and the registrant.

Hi Fred, it's not in the Blue Book either, so it's either missed off or registered in another category. Datewise, the number fits to between 25 March and 4 April 1911.

Pamela has this same candlestick and it's Streit, I think catalogue pattern 3642, in the 1930 catalogue:

Wow, what a result, Anne!  Thank you for your efforts (especially for the links).

I had looked at Pamela's candlesticks (but obviously not carefully enough - probably concentrating my search on the 'usual suspects' rather than looking properly - salutory lesson again).

I thought the design may possibly have been registered to an agent or importer (perhaps Jules Lang & Son, or someone like Hoskins and Rose for Libochovice) and that the Blue Book may have given a registrant but not necessarily the manufacturer.

Now we have the unusual reverse situation of a manufacturer but not the registrant. Not many German pieces with RD numbers.

These are the first Streit pieces I have come across. The candlesticks would seem to be standalone pieces rather than linked to any trinket sets.

As the candlesticks are of German manufacture, would it be helpful if I put a linked topic in the 'German Glass' section of GMB?

I will let the eBay lister know of the ID, and seek his permission to add the images to this topic in due course. I will also seek permission to add the images to the RD number photo database for further reference.   

Duplicated topics can lead to difficulties Fred (not least with search engines who dislike such things) so it's probably best left in one place. The board's Search function should help flag up the topic irrespective of where it is on the board itself, though.  They are a standalone candlestick, not part of a trinket set, so we should perhaps move this over to Germany.... :)

It might be worth seeing if someone (Paul, perhaps, on his next visit?) could check that RD number and see who the registrant was, as that might give us some useful information too.

They are very old-fashioned to still be in a 1930 catalogue...


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